Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Latest PS4 Dev Kit Uncovered, 2.75Ghz Clock Frequency

The latest PS4 advancement systems nonetheless don capital t seem like the consumer devices of whichs unlikely to change till closer to your retail liberation but they are so far as we can tell a little bit totally different from one which released a little while returning.

Most of these photos, dug upward through the FCC filings [via] list the event system because the DUH-D1000AA, while using the FCC considering the Wireless Bluetooth along with 802.13 m/h/and '-Fi shower radios.

The event system generally seems to property added jacks, and be drastically larger than the individual devices will probably be doubtless to help you along with air conditioning. Your paperwork state a maximal wall clock frequency of 2.75GHz, although that can very well make reference to the particular PS4's substantive Ram memory.


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